Olopsant Design strives to provide simple, elegant answers to a variety of complex design problems, and ensure customer satisfaction through open, straightforward, result driven communication.

Owner and Chief Designer, Stefan Ackerman, has more than fourteen years’ experience as a Design Engineer and Project Manager. After spending the first years of his career designing automated materials handling lines and machines, his fascination with boats led him to transition to naval design. He has been lead designer for both composite and aluminium boats ranging from three to thirty meters in length for both local and international clients.

Partner Liezel Ackerman recently joined him to focus on building an online presence for established brands. With 15 years experience at a leading graphic design house in South Africa she creates websites from the ground up, working with client specifications, back-end scripts, and several coding languages to create the final product. She has a passion for good design, a broad skill set and an eagerness to stay on top of new developments that this fast changing world requires.

Olopsant Design uses specialist tools to offer complete solutions to our clients that include everything from initial concept design through to final production documentation.

stefan@olopsant.com     |     liezel@olopsant.com